_MG_2512 You really can’t have too many celebrations when it comes to your birthday, right? Gress’ birthday festivities started last Thursday at the beach. The waves were huge and a few of his friends met us for some fun adventures in the surf. The boogie boarding and wave riding were¬†exceptionally exciting because of the tropical storm looming out in the ocean.

For his actual birth “day” he wanted pancakes for breakfast and then to go kayaking so we invited another family and his favorite baby sitter to come along. We kayaked for hours, jumped off the dock, and dined on his favorite meal he requested…sushi while overlooking the marsh. And then came home to celebrate again….we ate ice cream cake, open presents and hung out playing with his new presents. All that to say he felt very loved! Thank you to all of you who helped make that happen!!

We are thankful to have this sweet, generous, thoughtful boy in our lives. He makes our days so much brighter!

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