Wish Come True

This almost 7 year old boy might just be over the moon. He has been asking for his own dog for longer than I can remember. He is now the proud “master” of a Australian Blue Heeler, aka Cattle Dog. Her name is Rue and she is the tiniest bundle of love. Her name stems from  Waruwi which means girl in Aborigines. We found her on a farm in South Carolina where we met the “farmer” who had lots of horses, cows, a few pigs, lots of chickens, a large pack of protective and loving cattle dogs and some precious little puppies. He lived down a few dirt roads and had to meet us on the town’s “main” road so he could lead us onto his farm. He lives on 2,000 acres with his wife and his brood of animals. Our first 2 dogs came from farms so we always love carrying on that tradition. I might have wanted to take more than one puppy home. Rue is quite a little tank (I think she gets it from her Dad…photo shown). It’s going to be a fun adventure with this puppy! We are so thankful that Mcree’s wish came true. 

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