Birthday Getaway

Mcree really wanted to go camping for his birthday. One of his favorite places to go camping is at his friends cabin in Augusta. So that is what we did. Usually it is a boys trip only. But lucky for us, the girls got invited along and we were so excited that our friends that own the property were going to be there too. This family heaps on the generosity and the boys get taught so many great things while they are there. The boys frolicked on the mule and hunted, and explored, and ran wild and free on the acres and acres of land. It was so renewing for the whole family. Our Savannah friends will soon be moving to Augusta full time so it was a fun time to connect with them. We will surely miss seeing them here but we are already planning many adventures to the woods! When we asked the boys their favorite parts, their answer was the WHOLE weekend. I loved the hike we did together as families, and even the little cattle dog was able to keep up the several miles we trekked.

Happy seventh birthday Mcree!

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