Dream BIG

If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing big. All too often, we take the long season to dream andĀ plan for what is next. Usually for us, we never get to the living part of those dreams. The monotony of the every day takes over the joy of what could be. So we are planting our flag, and we are hitting the open road to remember, renew, and reclaim what we love. We leave in a few days. If you know us, you know we usually have a plan, perfectly laid out with every detail. Not this time. For the next 45 days we will be wanderers headed toward the southwest. We have no idea where each day will take us, and we are trying to embrace the discomfort that causes us. We want to be undone. Unhindered. Unscheduled. We want to be reminded what itĀ feels like to say yes to spontaneity and be fully engaged with the experience. We want to live with only the daily bread God gives us and to have more dependance on Him. We aren’t looking at this as a vacation but as an awesome opportunity to be set free.

(I am most excited about all the windshield time and great conversations I get to have with Rad!)

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