Road Trip: Day 3

“The glory of nature awaits you, hid in the depth of the earth, take care of God’s awesome handiwork and preserve for others its worth. -G.W. Hoover, SR

This was the saying on the path to the underground caverns today. We really didn’t know what to expect. It was AMAZING! These caverns were found after a tree fell over in the woods and pulled up limestone with it. We were the only people on the tour and that in itself made it so much more special. Florida Caverns State Park also has tons of hiking trails so we headed out on an early morning hike, and┬áhave plans to hike for the next few days before hitting the open road again. We had plans to leave tomorrow however where we are headed didn’t have the most ideal spots available yet (thanks to helpful park rangers and satellite imaging). So our plan is to head to Fort Pickens National Sea Shore west of Pensacola, Florida Saturday through Monday.

Something struck Rad and I on our walk today. We have the option to fill our days with everything we can possibly see around us or we can experience life where we are and enjoy the richness right in front of us. We are choosing the second.




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