Road Trip: Day 4 & 5

All day I thought it was Friday. I have no calendar to remind me how fast (or slow) time is passing. Just the sun rising and setting each day to create a rhythm to my days. I haven’t fallen into a routine, or burdened myself with feeling like I must be here or there. For today, I just experience what is right in front of me. There is honestly such sweetness in living life that way. My over planned life in no way sets me up for a “rich” life. There is something so special about taking a slow walk and meeting people along the way, or forgetting to make lunch for our road trip but instead finding an incredible seafood restaurant that we only stopped at because all the kids needed to go the bathroom. I am learning (slowly) to not have a plan.

Yesterday we hiked several trails at Florida State Caverns and found several more caves amongst the granite rocks. The terrain in this park was really different and we loved seeing all the moss and blue “pools.” Today we left that park early and headed to Fort Pickens State Park which is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore situated on Santa Rosa Island (just south of Pensacola). Gress was most excited that there was a fort near our campground. The kids were able to run free and explore miles and miles of forts and artillery. Somehow our satellite imaging of the campground and the direction from an uninformed park ranger didn’t get us the best spot at the campsite so we were able to switch once we got there. Lesson learned…don’t have a set plan!

Our sweet farmer friends created a box of questions for Rad and I that we are to ask each other along the journey. Today we opened the box and chatted about our first question. Nothing like getting straight to the heart. We both love great conversation. What a gift these questions will be!

Excited for what tomorrow will bring!


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