Where We Find Ourselves: Day 6 & 7

Rad here. Guest blogging for the first time. So many firsts this trip. Why not me blogging?
Here goes….another light and fun, but busy, day. We find ourselves in Ft. Perkins National Seashore. An incredibly remote and gorgeous section of Pensacola Beach. Early risers set an early start in the camper this morning. Of course, this set the tone for our day today. The sun started peaking through an amazing red/yellow sky that seemed to pull everyone out of bed earlier than usual, as they all began dressing for their day around 6 am. Me, on the other hand, thought to start another day with a delicious cup of coffee in bed. Why change the perfect start as set by the last few days? Well democracy won the day so we left early for a quiet walk through the campground to a trail head. Once on the path (desolate, happily), the dogs and kids were set free. Good thing. Running and stick dragging and yelling commenced. It was a GREAT start to our day.

The plan was a family trip to the Naval Aviation Museum. But a brief discussion blew that up fully. Emily opted to stay at the campground with Mabry, freeing the boys and I to a full day slowly taking in all that the museum had to offer. And I must say, it was INCREDIBLE. As in, blown away. A world-class museum that could take days to go through, all for free. While I’m not a big military aircraft geek, it was hard not to be proud of the American strength and engineering on display. I speak to the kids a lot about national pride and how thankful I am to God that He chose America for us to be born in. So our day provided many opportunities to talk about American strength and power, and the responsibility to use it well. Suffice it to say there is no doubt we as a country are the most powerful on earth, still!

The girls stayed behind and had some lounge time as well as some productive time. Lounging meant a brief walk (it started sprinkling on them) and Mabry played in a hose and bucket outside while Emily organized and cleaned the camper. Then lunch and naps…but not before a local armadillo moseyed through camp, right by Mabry playing outside! Amazing.

The boys and I returned late in the afternoon, pretty much wiped out. But that did not stop the kids from running laps around the campground, in the rain and barefooted! Such is the camping life we are learning. Letting kids stretch out is a joy to watch.

I’m writing sitting in the camper, after dinner, listening to the rain noise on our aluminum roof. Should make for interesting sleeping…but I guess the kids are so wiped out nothing will stop them from deep sleep.

Tomorrow holds a bit of mystery…we don’t really know where we are headed exactly, beyond West. The goal is to get to San Antonio mid-week. But there is nothing in-between that is drawing us to stop. So as of now, we plan on rolling out of here leisurely tomorrow and drive until we are tired. We hope to “boondock” for the first time. This means finding a Walmart parking lot or truck stop to overnight in, then continue pressing on the next day. I’m sure this part of the journey will warrant it’s own blog entry.

At this stage I have little to offer as far as deep thoughts or personal insights. I’m struck by thankfulness. And by contentment. These days are purely fun, and calm, and joyful, and mysterious. Nothing seems as valuable to me as the time we have before us. I hope I can continue to appreciate the big and little moments. And seeing my dear family sop them all up along side me.

Road Trip: Day 6 and 7

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