What We Need: Day 7 & 8

Sometimes what we want is not always what we need. That’s how I feel about our final destination today. Our campsite doesn’t have a ton to explore, or anything that really excites us, but if I am honest, it is the perfect location to recharge and refuel for the trip ahead. We left Fort Pickens below Pensacola 2 days ago and our trip was about 10 hours long yesterday. We drove on Interstate 10 through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana (where Rad introduced the kids to Cajun cooking for dinner) and then made it just over the border in Texas. I found myself wanting to stop in each state just to explore something and have a memory there but there is so much we want to see more west so we had to keep going to make some headway. We boondocked (aka: gorilla camped in a parking lot for free in the Winnie Texas Fairground parking lot) overnight last night. We then drove all day today hoping to stop at The Alamo but honestly pulling a trailer through a city is a bit harrowing so we opted just to pass on it and head to an authentic Tex Mex Lunch (in another overly crowded parking lot) and then REI (which you would have thought we would have learned our parking dilemma issues already) to try and get the kids some snow gear (we were all stir crazy by then so we left without purchasing anything). Overall, the kids and dogs did GREAT! Rad rarely takes naps so I knew that we might have pushed ourselves a little much when I found Rad laying asleep on the bed as soon as we set up today. Rad and I are learning a lot about ourselves in the moments we feel most stretched. I think with wet campgrounds these last few days and driving in harder conditions (rain, city traffic, tight turnarounds, etc), we lost a bit of our joy for the journey. Hoping these next few days bring back the carefreeness we started to embrace. Thanks Kerrville,Texas for a place of respite.

Rad set the point of no return as Mobile, Alabama and not going to lie…Mcree and I might have had second thoughts about this crazy road trip thing. We soon got over that and are again happy to be meandering!

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