A New Spot: Day 10

We are thankful for warm days, dry ground, and a quaint little town of Kerryville, Texas. We moved further into the campground (that was originally closed when we arrived due to a bow hunt that was taking place). The feeling of being on this side of the camp is magical. As I am typing this outside by the fire, there are deer moseying near by. There are miles of hiking trails, lots of land to explore right around our camper and even a tepee you can sleep in. We found out they were blocking off the majority of the sites due to the holiday coming up. WHY would we leave. So we aren’t. We all agreed this would be a special place to spend Christmas. It has been warm. So warm that we visited an amazing local park along the Guadalupe River and the kids played in the fountain. We have been back to the park several days to picnic there dining on authentic tacos from a little joint we found close by. It is scheduled to get much colder so we will see how that changes the feel of this place. We are excited to rest, to have time to just “be” and to enjoy this season together in nature. 

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