A Different Season: Day 11 & 12

Every day looks different. I keep thinking we will get into a rhythm soon, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. There has been so many things to see and do in this quaint little town that we are happy to just explore and get ready for the road ahead. Every morning, the kids ask if they can get dressed and go outside. Today, Gress and Mcree went into the woods to explore. They came back with the most gigantic antlers from an axis deer (originally from India where they were food for lions, so long antlers helped them survive.). The odd thing is, they found the pair, which is rare to find them both together. We only know about this deer because we happened upon the most delicious BBQ place today and the owner was an avid hunter and told the boys all about this deer. He even had a stuffed one on his wall where we were eating. That was so perfectly orchestrated. There are so many deer here and this evening Rad forgot his flashlight on a walk to check on the boys showering and a herd rustled right next to him in the dark. I would have LOVED to see his expression of surprise in that moment.

We took a quick trip to town today to get a few essentials from Walmart and do laundry at the laundromat (we finally had to wash all the dirt filled bedding). Rad had to remind me we ARE camping and things will just be dirtier than normal. Remember we knew some of this trip is about being ok with being “uncomfortable” and dirt everywhere is something I am (slowly) learning to be ok with. This evening, we took a hike and the boys sat by the fire while us girls relaxed inside the quiet camper. Rad took a break from cooking (he has cooked every breakfast and dinner since we have been on the road…I love him!), but tonight, we decided to do something easier and I love the flexibility in that.

This Christmas feels so very different. There are no presents placed under our decorated tree, no cozy home to gather in, and no familiar church body to worship with. Yet, it feels so very special to be in an unfamiliar place, with my most favorite people. This town will always carry a special place in our hearts because of the rest and renewal it has given us during this season. I hope that you find peace right where you are this Christmas!

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