Christmas in Kerrville: Day 13 & 14

We loved our simple little Christmas this year in Kerrville, Texas. We were one of only few campers on the expanse of land and it was so quiet and very restful. We went to the cutest restaurant after church Sunday (and church was a different experience all in itself) and Mabry told our waitress that she didn’t know if Santa would come because we didn’t have a tree. The owner of the restaurant went and dug up a miniature Christmas tree and decorated it and gave it to her. We were blown away by the genuine sweetness of this place. And yes, Santa did make his way into the camper. No small task I assure you! Gress announced at 2:30am that Santa had come and Mcree quickly told him to go back to bed for it was too early. (Thank you Mcree!) No matter what gifts you give the kids, it will always be the ones unexpected that they love the most. Once we made it outside that morning, I found Mcree playing with a plastic bag (a homemade parachute) attached to a tiny army backpack. This went on for the better part of an hour. It has been interesting to see what draws their interest. I love that they are more drawn to nature than anything else.

We always love to get outside on the holidays so we set out for a 3 mile hike and surprisingly Mabry hiked the WHOLE way. It was a gorgeous warm day and the kids AND dogs loved running wild.

We were thankful for respite in this little town. It was so good to stay put for awhile. Monday we headed out for Carlsbad, New Mexico. More to come.

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