Truth Behind the Photos

How often do we see a photo and think how amazing that moment must be without knowing the whole story? And while most of our moments have been pretty spectacular, there are days and hours that are rougher than others. There are 5 people in a small space, too much stuff in one tiny camper that we¬†can hardly move around and not enough distance to remove yourself for some quiet time. There is a leaking roof on your bed when you are so very tired. There are long drives with little rest the night before. There is the unpacking and packing of things day in day out just to get to what you need for your day. We are learning….slowly…how to adapt to these little challenges. We are working on tweaking character (in ALL of us), on how to be kind when you are irritated and how to serve each other well. We have gotten to know our kids (and each other) even more these last few weeks. What a gift this has been.

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