Playing in Prescott: Day 29-30

Lots of hiking and playing and hanging out with grandparents here in Prescott. It’s been fun to explore new places, be fed great meals, exercise the dogs to exhaustion, Rad and I get a little time without kiddos, and be loved on in so many ways. Yesterday we hiked in the Prescott National Forest with Pop and it reminded me of my childhood hikes near my grandparents home in Sedona’s Oak Creek Canyon. We also frolicked along Granite Basin and Rue¬†had her first full submersion experience (by being thrown in). Pop and Christina also gave Mcree a motorized boat for Christmas and he has LOVED being able to use it every chance he can get. The kids have gotten spoiled for sure!

We leave tomorrow for our next leg of our journey. We will head to Nevada to see more family and then to Utah, which will be the furthest North we will travel before heading the long drive home. There are some amazing parks we are excited to see. Here we go!

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