A day in the life….

Today is Saturday and our to do list was way too long. Really, Rad and I just wanted to sit in bed, drink our tea (for me) and coffee (for him) and hang with the kids. We were especially slow today because 7:30am was really 4:30 am on our body clocks as I don’t think we have yet adjusted to our regular time┬ázone after being in Arizona for so long. But, Mcree has a clock all of his own and it has managed to snap back without a problem. Not lucky for us. You know how it is when you get back from vacation….you have to re-enter all the duties that haven’t been done. And on top of that, our house is having an open house Sunday. So there was lots to get done. But I was so distracted by so many fun moments that I decided just to slow down and enjoy the day. Sorry tomorrow, you will suffer the consequences.

Remember that Gourd plant that we planted some time ago? That little one that came in a little cup and it was supposed to grow a (1) bird house? Well, after counting 30+ gourds now, I decided to cut some down for decoration. It is October so bring on the pumpkins.








And since Rad had to work outside today, I gave Gress a fun project I made before we left. I took a tupperware and filled it with toys and water and froze it. Gress hammered away for an hour to break up the ice and retrieve the toys. Safety goggles and all. Safety first people!














And who knew that Gress could feed Mcree food? I loved the help today! And this was after Gress busted his chin open on the outside brick stairs.













Goodbye Saturday. It was fun and now I am off to relax and finish my book! I have to rest up for tomorrow!

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