I love being with my sister. I could be anywhere in the world and as long as she is by my side, I would feel at home. Being with her brings out my belly laughs, my practicality, my love for fashion (which ONLY comes out when she is around), and so much more. Karin is an amazing sister and so very thoughtful and giving. And I love watching her be a mom. I was lucky enough this last weekend to get to spend it with her and Layla. Gress and Rad went camping so we got some special girl time. I savored every minute with them both and realized that distance really has made my heart grow so much fonder.  Oh how I wish we lived in the same city again! Mcree giggled when he saw Layla for the first time and Gress just wanted to hold and cuddle with her. THANKS Karin for making the trek to Savannah. I loved hanging with you 2!


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