Running after life…

Life sure has moved at a pace I feel like I’ve been running after these last few weeks. It was Gress’ birthday, then Rad’s birthday, then my birthday with a sweet visit from my mom and sister and her 2 kids, and a quick visit from a dear old friend Michelle, then Vacation Bible School for Gress, lots of time at the pool, squeezing in a little time to make creative gifts, and a baby that is now crawling and sitting up in her crib. There was so much in between and all around that I just couldn’t find the time or energy to sit down and pour my thoughts out. Not to mention a blog that was full and a camera that had no more room for photos. Life is full. And great. And simply sweet.

Loved celebrating my cute now 7 year old. He choose sushi for his birthday lunch and lucky for us Mimi came to visit on his birthday. He opened presents throughout the day (which is a great way to spread your birthday love around all day). He is one neat kid and I am so lucky we have gotten to have him in our lives for the last 7 years. He wanted a homemade cake for his birthday and if you know me, you might know that baking is not a skill of mine. Luckily it worked out…so well that I mistakenly made too much cake and Mcree ended up with a cake too!

We also got to celebrate another handsome guy…Rad. With his favorite dessert (Boston Creme Pie…that I did not make), handmade cards and all, we felt lucky to get to spend so much of this birthday boy’s day!

Then there was my birthday and how special to have my mom, my sister and her 2 sweet kids with me for a few days. We swam, went to the beach, and loved watching the kids be together.









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