A Rare Find

Oh how my heart is full right now. Our sweet farmer friends showed up Tuesday afternoon and poured out all kinds of love on us. They filled our hearts to the brim with great conversation and oh did we have a lot of life to catch up on. The kids have all grown so much and it was so sweet to see them all together. The farmer’s also filled our stomachs with an amazing dinner (fun burgers…one of our favorites) complete with everything grown on their farm (beef burgers from their cow topped with a fried duck egg and garden grown kale layered with cream from their cows.It is a rare treat to have friends that love on you in the way they do.

The farmers recently had a baby goat born on the farm that barely made it so they have been nursing this little guy back to life. AND THEY BROUGHT IT WITH THEM!!!! This was such a special treat for us all, especially for Mcree. He was IN LOVE with this little one). Luna even got to test our her herding skills. We always knew they were in there somewhere. My camera didn’t get out much and sad to say the group photo of the kids is missing the Farmer’s sweet baby girl (however the goat did make it in the photo…something is wrong with the priority of that!).

Our family is so very thankful for this sweet sweet friendship! IMG_5432 IMG_5441 IMG_5446 IMG_5451 IMG_5461


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