Have you ever been to a place where you knew that was exactly where you were meant to be. Our adventuresome spirits hit the open road and moved to Savannah in 2009. We renovated an older home and now reside under 150+ year old oak trees, on an island surrounded by the most fantastic neighbors. We are lucky to get to choose where and how we want our kids raised and feel amazingly blessed to get so spend so much time with them. Our journey has been crazy, and AMAZING and we are thankful for Jesus writing this story way before we ever dreamed it up. This blog is a glimpse into our lives…with little kids, dogs, homeschooling, working for yourself, getting on the water every chance we get and loving life’s adventures. We are excited to share our journey with you!


  • Susan Helkenn

    I think about you all so often. My heart hurts for the loss you endured and imagine what an immeasurable hope and joy this little guy provides!

    I’m so happy to be married now and love my husband more than just a week ago. I can’t wait to share being a parent with him, God willing. I am sure there is no greater love on earth than that of a child.

    Thank you for sharing. I love the photos and to feel like I still am a part of your lives.


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