• What’s New

    I just got back from working in Atlanta and it always seems like it takes me a few days to catch my breath, get some sleep, and get back on track (especially on my whirlwind trips there). I am behind on most things at this moment but hey, they can wait.

    What is new with us…

    Mcree will soon be crawling, or sitting up, or getting 4 new teeth on the top…it is a race to see which one will be first.

    Gress constantly asks for a new puppy and this week he wants to name him Carlito like the Chihuahua down the street. He isn’t convinced that Mcree is our puppy.

    Gress can swim but he doesn’t like to go under water. Someone please convince him going under water is a part of swimming.

    We go to the beach weekly and just writing this makes me smile.

    Now that Gress is 4, the chores have begun. Gress now sets and clears the table, gets dressed and undressed (yes, that doesn’t seem like much but apparently boys could care less about getting dressed), gets his own water cup and fills it when thirsty (who knew he could do this until one day he climbed up on the counter and helped himself), vacuums (yes, you read that right, thanks to Nana he has a new swiffer vac), cleans up his room, and will soon be making his bed (washing the dog, mopping the floor…ok sorry got a little carried away there). I’m sure the list will expand and NO he isn’t getting paid yet for these tasks! 🙂

    We are loving Savannah, even in the midst of the heat (today felt like being stuck inside a ziplock bag), and trying to soak up every sweet moment together as a family!

    (P.S.: Sorry, this post just became the story about what is going on with our kids, and no update on the adults…..that takes a little more thinking…I will get back to you on that one.)



  • Oh My

    Before and after photos always impress me…that was until I took these and I got a little sad. Let me first say, I am NOT the type of person to get sentimental over little baby milestones. Ok, I might sigh for a second but that is it, no lingering over things and getting sentimental. Usually when people looked at Mcree they chuckled a little and said, “my what a full head of hear he has.” I wasn’t quite sure if they thought it was cute or funny looking, and the longer it got, I think they thought the latter. When the wind blew, the faux comb over would lift to the other side. It was getting long, yes we can all agree. He needed a trim. But I wasn’t quite prepared for what was to come. Rad cut Gress’ hair for the first time when I was out of town…remember the envelope he gave me when I got home and told me that he did a craft project with Gress. I opened it and there was ALL of his baby hair. I was shocked, but thankful I didn’t have to do it. Rad asked me today, “hey, let’s cut Mcree’s hair.” What he really meant is, hey, hurry, hand me the clippers and lets buzz this thing before you have a chance to think it over.  I obliged and as his sweet wisps were being cut off, I gasped, wondering where Mcree had gone. I look at him now and I am SURE someone replaced my child with some other kid. See for yourself, it will no doubt bring a sigh.

















  • Happy Father’s Day

    I am so thankful to have so many great dads around me. I learned so much from my father about life.. some of the more memorable: how to not take things so seriously, how to always make room for ice cream, how to move to another city and adjust, how to keep an immaculate car (still trying to find the time for that one), how to take a great photo, and how to spend time together stuck in a car on one of the many adventures and actually enjoy each other and have great memories from that. THANKS Dad for all the many ways you added to my life and made me part of who I am today. So thankful I also have my sweet Pop Pop in my life. I don’t know many people that love God and love their soul mate the way he does. And I have loved watching my sweet husband be an amazing Dad to our boys. Feeling lucky today.


  • Family Time

    I love Saturdays with the boys and Rad. We wake up, hang out in bed telling stories, sip our coffee and tea and just enjoy the company of each other. There is no TV and usually no rush to get things done. There are just giggles, hugs, and sweet memories. This last Saturday late morning we headed to the lake to feed the ducks. We had way too many leftover hot dog buns from Gress’ party and since we rarely eat bread, this is quite an infrequent event. It was special, it was sweet, and I love seeing Rad and Gress being boys together. Can’t wait for more adventures together!

  • Wonder….

    I look at that face and wonder what you will be like when you grow up. Will you be wise, or have a sense of humor, or make the ladies smile at you the way they do now? I get stuck in your eyes, dreaming about your future…and laugh, wondering what your hairline will be like later on. I just love being with you little guy!

  • Long Overdue

    I am listening to Rad talk to Sam Lu on the phone and remembering her cute interview with Gress when he was just over 3 1/2 years old. I haven’t posted any videos because I am running out of room on my blog but Rad showed me a new way to upload videos… YEA! Just copy and paste the link below and then click on the little video below the photo to start the video. Too cute! Already time for another interview! We miss you Sam Lu!



  • He can swim

    Several weeks, lots of tears, begging not to go…FINALLY, Gress can swim. Our awesome swim teacher Miss Ginny saw big strides these last weeks. So excited for getting over this hump. Gress still loves his float quite a bit (which were NOT allowed in swim class) but he also knows he has the capability to do so much more. Proud of you Gress!

    Go to the address below to watch the swimming! (Click on the camera icon below the photo on the web gallery to play the video)


  • Little Bitty Layla

    We got to hang out with sweet little girl Layla this last weekend. THANKS Karin and Ray for making the trek (for my birthday) to come for a visit. We all LOVED getting to hang out with you all AND sweet Layla. Gress said, “mom, Layla is my best friend.” And he just loved saying he was spending time with his cousin. He said, “mom, we can call Layla little Layla and we can call Mcree Big Mcree.” Yes there is a size difference. Gress wanted to cuddle with her and Mcree wanted to eat her. We are in love with her.

  • Memorial Day

    We spent Memorial Day weekend with some of our good friends. We loved catching up and watching the kids run wild on the beach….they are too cute together. THANKS Andreens for coming for a visit!!!

  • Happy Birthday Gressett

    4 years have flown by, and I have loved watching Gress become the 4 year old he is today. He is sweet, he is funny, he is curious, he is attentive, he pays attention (even when you don’t think he is), he is smart, he loves to play by himself, he can hit a baseball FAR, he loves to run and thinks he is supper speedy, he loves the sand and the water and can play in both for hours, he loves to walk Mera and actually does a great job at it. He enjoys cuddling on the couch to a good movie, or sharing popcorn during his favorite show. He is starting to color in the lines, can spell his name and still doesn’t realize John is his real first name. 🙂 He is a great kid and someone I love being around. He said yesterday, “Mom, you are my best friend.” I love you Gress. You are amazing!