• Random Randomness

    I wanted to answer some of the questions I get on a weekly basis.

    “How is Mera handling Jesse being gone?” Well, she moans a bit but it is hard to really tell what Mera is thinking. She is getting treated extra special these days and actually sits at our feet every time we go outside. She also gets extra love, extra treats, and leftovers off the plates on special nights. I am sure she is wondering why all the special attention. While Gress was in the bathtub the other night, I asked him when he was going to start washing himself and he said, “when Mera dies.” That might be a while.













    What do we do during the week? Well, we go to the park, we go on walks, we go to Oatland Island (a wildlife refuge with lots of animals) and they have a program where they do crafts and we usually have picnic lunches with Gress’ buddies, we go to the Library for storytime, Gress runs around like a maniac with the neighborhood boys (who are all so sweet to Gress treating him like one of the gang) while playing guns or sword fighting or deciding who is going to hold their new puppy, Gress is now taking swim lessons twice a week (which he loves but doesn’t want to go back :)…….. I realize now why I am so tired all the time. I am tired just reading this.






















    And how is Mcree and life with a new one. It is awesome. This little guy is so full of life and is such a joy to be around. He is happy which makes up for all the spitting up he does. He loves Gress and Gress loves being with him. Mcree is trying to find his thumb to suck but hasn’t quite figured that all out yet. He has started grabbing toys and loves cuddling with his blankies. He only wakes up once in the night which (crossing my fingers) hopefully will be short lived. He is a chunk and is outgrowing his 6 month clothing. He is a heavy load to cary at times..which makes me think I should just start doing squats while holding him and call that my exercise for the day.















    So what’s next? Right now I am just trying to savor this sweet time with the boys. I haven’t figured out how work will play out but trusting that God is managing that one.

    Do we love where we live? We love Savannah and all the quaintness it shares. And lots of opportunities to make a difference in this city.

    How is crossfit going? Hmmmmmmmm. It’s not, but soon. I tried to do a pull up the other day (remember when I could do 50+ pull ups?) and failed miserably. Not only that, my abs ache terribly from just the effort it took to try. PATHETIC! I keep saying once this then that. Today it was once the girl scout cookies are gone then we will get back on track…only to then find our sweet girl scout neighbor selling them on the corner and owning up to our neighborly duty to buy more (6 more boxes to be exact). Then there was the kids selling candy bars. Where is the will power?

    And, we are an Aunt and Uncle again. Welcome to the world Layla!! We can’t wait to meet you!

  • Cowboy at Heart

    I love the days I get to see Gress dressed up as a cowboy. I will be doing my own thing and in he walks with his FULL attire on, gun and all. I just giggle and somehow find myself a little more proud that he has a love for that. I often pray that I won’t miss the gifts that God has given my children and that I will know how to foster those gifts. Gress has always loved horses. He plays with them, talks about them…and funny how the stick horse seemed real enough to him. A few months ago, a deal came across my email for half off western riding lessons. HOW could I pass that up? I bought 3 lessons, at the time not really knowing if Gress would love it or be scared of it. Today we found out. He LOVED IT! We went to Lazy Oaks Farm in South Carolina and Gress had his first riding lesson. They walked him through taking the horse out of the barn, brushing it, looking at it’s hoofs, putting the saddle and reins on it, and then riding it. Gress (of course in his full cowboy attire), sat straight up on the horse and rode around confidently. We were so proud of him..and our hearts melted a little more for this sweet kid.

  • 3 Months

    Wow, how time flies. It is hard to believe that Mcree is 3 months old. He is a happy baby and loves just being around us. He doesn’t like the pacifier and has really tried to find his thumb, although he doesn’t quite know what to do with it when he finds it. I love this kid. He makes me smile just being around him. I’m very THANKFUL for a sweet baby boy!

  • Girls Weekend

    Gress, Mcree and I got to hang out with some of our good friends this last weekend. Rad was away camping with some guys so it was the perfect girls weekend. I love to watch the interaction between Stella and Gress. Stella is such an old soul and has such a sweet heart. She blends in with anything around her…love that about her. And Liz loves the beach and deep conversation as much as I do so it was such a fulfilling weekend. THANKS Liz and Stella for coming to hang with us this last weekend!

    These photos say it all..

  • Our best friend

    For the last few months, Gressett has been telling strangers that Jesse is going to die. They kind of look at me strange and offer an uncomfortable smile. He says, “mom, my heart is going to hurt when Jesse dies”, and I would just sigh, knowing that our time with her is shortly coming to an end. Radford and I had hoped that we would know indefinitely when it was time to put Jesse down, really we were hoping she would happily dream about frisbees while she was sleeping and just pass away. Well, this week has come. Sweet Jesse’s back legs have given out and she can no longer get herself around. I told Gress it was like when we see people in a wheelchair and their legs don’t work and they ned the wheelchair to move around, and he said, “why don’t we just get Jesse a wheelchair?” Wow, I wish we had more happy years with Jesse but truth is, she has had a great life and her body is just old. I have known Jesse as long as I have known Radford so a long time! I know we will ALL miss her…including Mera, who has never been without Jesse. I am thankful for so many great memories with Jesse. Miss you already Jesse!

  • Boys

    There is something about having a baby present that invites conversation from others. We sat yesterday in the mall eating our chickfila and a older woman couldn’t help but strike up a conversation with us. She smiled big watching Gress be silly. He was quite excited about her ice cream cone and wondered if he would get one too. For him, the ice cream cone was a reason to go talk to her. She kept looking our way smiling big and would share a story or a compliment. It’s moments like that that I realize what sweet boys I have (including my husband). THANKFUL today for the boys in my life!

  • Buddies

    When Mcree is in his room, you can often find his furry friend in there with him…..

  • Happy Baby

    I can see why second children are often laid back. It takes me longer to sometimes get to Mcree when he is crying, and by the time I get there, he is happy again or has fallen asleep. He also has to put up with dogs licking him, Gress being loud at all hours of the day (even during Mcree’s nap time), and getting things put in his face, getting giggled around by Gress and having to go with the flow of whatever the day holds. I am so very THANKFUL for this happy baby.


    (If you click on the photos you can see them bigger)

  • Harrell Boys

    Here is a photo of Gress and of Mcree at the same age….. (Mcree has a polar bear shirt on). There are moments when I think they look more alike but here they clearly look different. If I showed you the back of their heads at this point they would be identical with the balding patches! 🙂