• Reminder

    Often, people will ask me where my kids go to school. After I tell them I homeschool, I usually get one of three responses…1) Good for you, I could never do that, 2) You must have lots of patience, or 3) wow!. It’s not a glamorous job and most people think it’s downright crazy. WHY would you want to spend all day, EVERY DAY with your kids? To be honest, some days are hard. Some days I want to give up. Some days I wonder what life would look like if I had hours and hours of free time. However, most days are really great. I get to know the depths of my kids hearts, souls, what frustrates them, what encourages them, how they learn, what makes them feel like a failure or a rockstar. I get to walk them through conflict and help them figure out how to love others better. I get to push them in areas they need growing, and hold them back in areas they need restraint. Not to mention they get hours and hours to be free to explore what they love. Lucky me gets to see this played out on a daily basis. It’s a gift to us that we have this opportunity.

    One day, math will get easier for this one…and one day the cattle dog might be smarter than him. But to sit and work through hard things together is sanctifying for us both in so many ways!

  • When Chores Go Wrong

    I often wonder what this cattle dog would be like if she grew up on the farm where she was born. I’m pretty sure her life would be so very different. This is what happens when Gress is in charge of laundry for the week. Mabry might have cried that Rue was wearing her skirt. Never a dull moment with this dog in our house. 

  • Where We Do School

    Some days we do school inside. Some days we take our school outside. And some days we wander to amazing and beautiful places to see what the day has in store for us. Every day brings something new.

  • Thankful

    It’s good for the soul to be on the beach while sharing life with friends. While the kids frolicked in wide open spaces, we got to catch up on life with a sweet couple. We are thankful for friends who invite us to gather and know our love language and invest in us!

    (Freckles at sunset just melt me).

  • Investing

    I’m so thankful to have Mimi and Cici in our lives. We had such a sweet time hanging out. There was card playing, and museum visiting (Old Fort Jackson, The Train Museum and The Children’s Museum). There was hours of football (who knew Cici used to play football in College). We all improved our skills greatly with his teachings! They came to love on us and it was so very special! 

  • Dog Antics

    This dog here…I have so many mixed thoughts on her. Mostly good. Only sometimes bad. I compare her to all other dogs we have owned. Not fair. She likes to dig. No other dog has. She loves to yelp loudly and constantly when she is excited. I can’t take it. She sneaks away, and it’s a good thing she always comes back. She is cautious and will bark at you before she licks you. She’s a great guard dog. She likes to know where you are AT ALL TIMES. It’s her job and if she got paid for that, we would all be rich.

    We left her out of her kennel (which we have been doing lately) for 2 hours while we went to church. If only we could have recorded her antics. Let’s just say she had a party with a magazine and some kids toys. It looked like a paper shredder took over the den.

    And if Luna looks big to you it’s because we realized Mabry was feeding the dogs double food!

  • Hard to Believe

    It’s hard to believe we have been in Savannah for 8 years. And in those 8 years, we have only moved twice. Usually we are up and moving every 3 years so the fact that we are going on 4 years in the same house is a record. We’ve had some work changes lately that have left us with a lot of questions and decisions. As Rad’s resume was about to go out to the world, we both put our feet down to stop the process and evaluate what we truly value. It’s an eye opening exercise. You should try it. And I dare you to put what you value against how you are currently living and see if those things add up.

    We LOVE where we live. There is access to water and boating and so many coastal things to explore. I just took a women’s boating class and docked my first boat. There is sailing every Sunday that Rad and Gress can take part in. But most of all we ADORE our neighbors and many of them are like family to us. How do you give that up? And what would we give it up for? More money? A bigger house? Security? We really want to put down roots. We have prayed for several years that more kids would move into our neighborhood. Just a few weeks ago a family with 4 kids moved next door and play happens every day in all our yards. Other neighbors have noticed and since then we have had more kids from further down the street come to play. For the years we have been here, there was just 1 kid to play with, and there are now 13 kids in any direction to come over…and they do. It’s chaos…and crazy fun. So many of our neighbors sweetly remind us that this is how life used to be lived out on the back island. These neighbors have become our friends. We share life together. And take care of each other. To us, that equals a rich life.

    I don’t know where we will land. We are praying hard we get to stay and that heading back into the entrepreneurial life will be rewarding for us. We find that working for ourselves brings: flexibility, ownership over our schedules, and the freedom to live our lives on our timeline. A few weeks ago, my neighbor, her grandson, my kids and I all took a bike ride through an old Dairy Farm. It was quite the adventure under 200+ year old oak trees and over marsh land. It’s makes my heart swell to see these friendships amongst my kids growing. For that I cannot buy. 

  • Routine and Being Nice

    Life happens so quickly over here that I often forget all we did in one day. As hard as I try to slow down our days, the clock keeps ticking. We have a little over a month before we head into summer and as excited as I am for carefree days, structure sure does help with the flow of our routine and the happiness of all involved. We aren’t taking a break with everything (math and reading) because we have such good momentum with certain subjects and it’s just too hard to pick that back up when the next school year starts. Trying to stay calm and nice as I cram everything in I want to finish. Nobody wants a mean teacher, do they? (oh boy) I know every year is a new start and excited to end this year and dream about what next year looks like for this crew. 

  • Who’s the Boss?

    How could this puppy be bad, right? WRONG! She is meant to work. And work for her is chasing, and barking, and running faster than your 10 year old can so she can beat him to the new balsa airplane he just threw and rip off the tail and then speed away. She only comes when called if there is food involved. If she is in trouble she plays the fastest game of tag you have ever seen and you end up feeling like a complete fool for chasing her. I don’t understand her at all. She is strong willed and very very strong as we found out when we went to trim her nails. My neighbor came running over thinking someone was getting hurt by the dog only to find me in a heap on top of her with clippers in hand and gasps and cries coming from the hidden dog. She is always assessing, waiting to see what your next move will be. If you ask her if she wants to go outside, she will stand there and wait for your next 3 moves before she makes up her mind what she wants. She is the ultimate escape artist. Once you have secured all the gates, you turn around to find her standing right next to you. What in the world? Maybe I need a cattle farmer to help me explain what goes on in the mind of a cattle dog. Clearly there is an unspoken language I haven’t yet learned. I am starting to think she is smarter than me and this is her game to see how she can play me. (And no, she is not allowed on the furniture but sometimes she doesn’t listen and she’s too cute for me to make her get down for the moment). Doesn’t her look make you think she knows more than she shows

  • Happy Easter

    He is RISEN! We have been reading a lot of stories about Jesus’ life these last few weeks and what a gift to be able to celebrate Him today. I am thankful for a God who chooses us into a life with Him and for new beginnings every day!