• 2nd child

    I tried to promise myself when Mcree was born that he wouldn’t be shorted of photos. It is hard to keep up with the amount of photos that Gress had of his every breathing moment. I want to be sure that I take photos with just Mcree…to let him shine. I am already behind on his baby book and haven’t written down every little milestone from the past weeks. But let’s be honest, with little sleep and taking care of 2 kids…there is little time to document the everyday. I sit with the boys and smile A LOT! Those are the memories I hope to remember!

  • Smiles

    These faces make me smile. Mcree usually gives me these smiles at 4am….it makes it all worth it!

  • 5 minutes to pack the bag

    I can’t make decisions. There I said it. I like to think of myself as an independent thinker but I am just not that anymore. I like to have feedback. So today’s decision required a little prompting. The sun was shining and the thermometer hit somewhere around 70 degrees. Mcree was napping and Gress was having “quiet time” for an hour in his room because he just couldn’t sleep. I was FINALLY getting to my to do list of paying bills and balancing the 2 months of work accounting. I was feeling quite productive. But the voice in the back of my head kept reminding me that the beach was only 20 minutes away and it was practically summer outside. I pondered on the thought of packing the essentials and heading to the beach but quickly told myself that was an irresponsible thing to do a I had enough of my plate (I still had to make a meal for a family that just had a baby, make another desert for one of my favorite families, make lunch for a girls get together tomorrow, make a gift for a new baby, make our dinner, give the boys baths…and the list goes on, not to mention I was tired and had already attended storytime and the grocery before lunch). It was 3pm. Was I crazy? I asked Rad what he thought, which goes back to needing someone else to justify my decision. THANKFULLY he agreed with my spontaneous adventure and encouraged me to go. I quickly packed my bag (gave myself 5 minutes to get it all together and when the time was up, I had to go regardless of what I left behind). Let’s just say, it was EXACTLY what I (and Gress) needed. I smiled the whole way there. I got to be with my 2 boys in my favorite place.

    I have been reminded so many times lately that life is short. Just today I heard 3 stories of people struggling, really struggling with their health and I don’t want to look back on my life and realize I missed out on the most important things…the people around me. I want to leave tasks undone if it means having moments of doing the things I love. I want to know my children…and know that what I do has impact in how they view a spouse, a friend, a follower of Jesus. My heart was full today.



  • Funny question of the day

    This all took place while driving over a bridge, where below there were tons of big boats. Let’s just say it took me a minute to decipher what was being asked:

    Gress: “Mom, what are those boobies in the water?”

    Me: “Boobies, in the water? Boobies?”

    Gress: “Yes mom, boobies.”

    Me: “Hmmm, I don’t know about boobies in the water. Do you mean buoys?”

    Gress: “Yes, buoys.”

    WOW, glad we got that one straight! 🙂

  • To do’s..they can wait!

    We have an ongoing to do list on our blackboard of things to fix, things to build, and things to do. It stares at us weekly reminding us they are still waiting to be checked off. This Saturday was the PERFECT day to get some of them done…but instead…we decided to have some good ol’ family time. We had planned later that night to have a “family night” (which is one of our monthly goa

    ls this year) where we have focused planned time as a family doing something special. But somehow, this “family night” became an all day event. It was exactly what we all needed.

    We decided to go stop in to say hi to some of our friends who really know what family is about. They have 4 sweet children and we feel we have a lot to learn from them. Then we went to a state park to take a walk and then found out they were having a class on snakes. Gress decided he wanted to go “to class” so he went and learned about snakes. Then we went for a hour+ walk

    through the forest or aka “boys playground.” Gress threw rocks, hunted for snakes, and kicked dirt. Rad and I used to go for hikes frequently when we were dating and first married and I so miss being with him (and now the boys) out in nature. On our way back home, we decided to stop for some frozen yogurt for desert…that was a treat. Once back home, Rad and Gress had more boy time by playing “tiger fight” in the front yard. It is what it sounds like, playing tiger….fighting. It is noisy, rough, and all out time for just boys. You would never see girls rolling around in the grass growling and clawing at each other. 🙂 Then we had our family night. Tonight’s theme was mexican so we played spanish music, made a mexican meal, made “mexican sock puppets” that spoke with an accent (even sweet Mcree had one), and read a hilarious mexican themed book for bed. This day made my heart smile. It was the perfect day!

  • Baby Girl

    I can’t wait to see my sister be a mom! I think Gressett is equally excited….even hugging Aunt Karin’s belly saying bye to Layla. Karin is glowing and so glad we get to be a part of this new little baby girl’s life!

  • Special

    There is something special about Nanas. Gress loves his Nana and she always goes out of her way to make Gressett feel extra special! Thanks Sara for making us all feel so loved from the AMAZING cake (you know that is my favorite) to the yummy ribs and spread and your southern hospitality. We felt so loved!

  • More than friends…

    There is something so comforting about friends that know you…really know you. They know what excites you. They know your heartaches and have walked with you in that. They know about your family, about your kids, about your whole life….and you can pick up where you last left off. I KNOW I have missed that after moving away from Atlanta..but somehow time and distance forced me to forget how much I really missed that. This weekend brought up those feelings all over again. I MISS my friends and I MISS being known and I MISS knowing the daily ins and outs of their life. THANK you Franklins, Sandtroms and Andreens for loving on us this weekend. We MISS you!!!! And yes, there are more of you we were craving to see but just couldn’t fit it in with all that we had planned.

  • Shared Memories

    I love having a sister. I love most that she is someone I can reminisce with, someone I can confide in, someone I can be my complete self around, and someone who gets me belly laughing like no one else. Now that I have 2 kids, I think a lot about my bond with my sister when we were little. I SO WISH that I would have been more loving, more supportive, and more encouraging to her. I just wasn’t….and I know that affected her…and she loved me nonetheless. I find myself wondering what Gress and Mcree’s bond will be like and how I can foster a great relationship between them. I want them to grow up taking care of each other and knowing they have each other to lean on. Thanks Karin, for accepting me and loving me even in the midst of sisterly rivalry.